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What is Bullion?

In the world of precious metals, the term “bullion” represents a refined class of assets with intrinsic value.

The unstoppable journey of Gold

The Lustrous Journey: Gold as an Investment Over the Last 100 Years.
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Why use Secure Offsite Storage

Unlocking Security: 5 Reasons to Consider Offsite Storage Box Services at GSB.
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Welcome to Great Southland Bullion

Welcome to Great Southland Bullion (GSB), where your aspirations in precious metal ...

For security and privacy reasons
we are an appointment only venue.
If you need any assistance, call us on (08) 6556 8655

GSB Price Estimator

Calculate an estimate of what you may be paid when selling your jewellery & scrap precious metal to GSB

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Note - The above figures are estimates only for the following reasons:
1. The price of gold and silver changes throughout each day.
2. No allowance has been made for stones and non gold or silver content in the above weights

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