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Safety Deposit Boxes

Store your valuables in our safety deposit boxes which are secured in our vaults. Explore a variety of storage options tailored for gold and silver, gemstones, jewellery, hard drives, legal documents, and other high-value items.

Safety Deposit Boxes Sizes and Prices

With four different safety deposit box sizes and two safe locker sizes to choose from, we have the perfect solution to meet your secure storage needs. Our secure vault facility ensures maximum security for your valuable assets. 

“Security isn’t expensive – it’s priceless”

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Small +

Safety Deposit Boxes_Great Southland Bullion
12 Mth Rent $348/$0.95 day
6 Mth Rent $210/$1.15 day
3 Mth Rent $114/$1.25 day

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Medium +

Safety Deposit Boxes_Great Southland Bullion
12 Mth Rent $480/$1.32 day
6 Mth Rent $288/$1.58 day
3 Mth Rent $153/$1.68 day

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Safety Deposit Boxes_Great Southland Bullion
12 Mth Rent $672/$1.84 day
6 Mth Rent $408/$2.24 day
3 Mth Rent $219/$2.40 day

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Extra Large +

Safety Deposit Boxes_Great Southland Bullion
12 Mth Rent $972/$2.66 day
6 Mth Rent $588/$3.22 day
3 Mth Rent $318/$3.48 day
If you would like a larger storage space, then ask us about our Safe Lockers.

Our Process: Simple and Secure

1. Book an appointment:   You can do this via our website or call us on (08) 6556 8655.

2. Bring your items: Visit the GSB premises and complete your application.

3. Collect the keys: Store your valuables and collect the keys.

Why Choose GSB's Safety Deposit Boxes


Our facility is monitored 24/7 to ensure the highest level of security for our client's valuable assets. The safety deposit boxes function on a double-key system. This system enhances security as both the client's key and a business-held master key are required to access your valuables.


Our operations prioritise customer privacy and convenience. Our clients can access their safety deposit boxes by appointment from Monday to Friday.


We've partnered with Llyod's of London to offer complimentary insurance coverage on the contents of the safety deposit boxes up to the value of $10,000. Clients seeking additional coverage have the option to purchase additional insurance upon request.


What are My Storage Options?

You have a choice of storage options at our facility.
1. Safety Deposit Boxes – there are 4 different sizes available:

  • Small +
  • Medium +
  • Large
  • Extra Large +

2. Safe Lockers – these are for larger volume storage.

Our vaults boast industry-grade security, fortified by a multi-layered system that integrates advanced electronic security measures and continuous 24-hour monitoring. Your valuables are safeguarded with the highest level of protection, ensuring peace of mind and the utmost security for your assets.

Any personal items that if lost would cause great loss and inconvenience for you.  This could include precious metals, jewellery, insurance policies, valuation certificates, marriage, birth, and death certificates, property titles and deeds, stock and bond certificates, immigration documents, rare stamps, hard disk drives, etc.

Anything illegal or that would pose a health or environmental risk.  (Examples:  drugs, firearms, explosives, ammunition, flammable liquids, or any hazardous materials to name a few)

Yes. How GSB verifies your identity and the documents needed to verify your identity will depend upon the type of account you need.  See the attached document. 

Rental Period: Rental terms are 3, 6 and 12 months.

Key Deposit: Upon renting a safety deposit box, a key deposit is required which is reimbursed upon return of the keys when you conclude the rental.

Rental Payments: Payments are made in advance and renewed automatically. If you do not wish to automatically renew your rental, a 30-day termination notice is required prior to the end of the rental period. 

Please note, no part of the rental payment is refundable if the Storer elects to cease using the Safety Deposit Box prior to the end of the rental period.

During business hours, Monday to Friday. However, you must book an appointment. 

NO – Each box has two locks: one is for our master key and one for your client key. We give you both client keys and we don’t keep duplicates. So, without you and your key, the safety deposit box cannot be opened by anyone.

To grant access to your safety deposit box to another individual, you need to visit the GSB office and provide details of the person you want to nominate.

They will be required to have their identity verified in the same manner as your identity was verified. This process can be conveniently completed without the nominee needing to visit GSB offices. We can initiate identity verification through a simple text message, mirroring the same secure procedure you underwent.

Due to security measures, only one person is allowed in the vault at any given time, even if you have nominated multiple people to have access to your safety deposit box. 

In the event of a lost key/s, GSB will require a locksmith to attend our premises to replace the lock on your safety deposit box. Your presence during this process is required, and the associated cost will be billed to you.

Every storage box rented comes with complimentary insurance with an insurable interest up to the value of $10,000.  Insurance in excess of this can be arranged by speaking to one of our team.
The valuables you store in our vaults belong to you – they are your property.  If GSB was to be placed into liquidation or administration, your assets cannot be seized by a liquidator or administrator because at no time can the contents of your personal safety deposit box be deemed as assets of GSB.

The simple answer is yes.  However, government legislation requires us to hold documentation verifying the existence of that entity.  For example, with a company we will need a current ASIC ‘Company Extract’ of current company information and with a SMSF we will need a copy of the current trust deed.

For security and privacy reasons
we are an appointment only venue.
If you need any assistance, call us on (08) 6556 8655

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