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Sell Your Gold and Silver Bullion FAQs

What Bullion does GSB buy?

GSB buys the following bullion; 

  • Gold – Individual bars & coins up to 2.5oz
  • Silver – Individual bars and coins up to 1kg

Selling bullion in Australia is governed by anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing legislation. As a result, the answer depends upon who owns the bullion you want to sell. 

If the bullion is owned by you as an individual: You need to bring one document that identifies you. This can be your current Drivers Licence, current Passport or a current Gov issued photo ID card. Then GSB will use its electronic verification processes to verify your identity. 

If the bullion is owned by your company/self-managed super fund/ family trust:  You need to open a Bullion Trading Account with GSB. The documents required to open your account will depend upon the type of account you need. 

Then you need to book an appointment with us and make sure to bring the documents required to the appointment along with your bullion.

If you have any queries call us on (08) 6556 8655.

You need to book an appointment with us and make sure to bring the following documents along with your Bullion.

  • Your personal ID document used when you opened your trading account (Drivers Licence, passport or Government issued photo ID card. 

If you have any queries call us on (08) 6556 8655

The price for Bullion is constantly changing in line with the ever changing price of bullion on the bullion market. Prices are not guaranteed until your contract is locked in. 

Cash, PayID or Direct Bank Transfer 

The difference between the sale price and the buy-back price is called the ‘spread’.  These prices are different to allow for different trading and handling costs associated with selling and buying precious metals. Like all traders, Great Southland Bullion makes a small margin on the sale of bullion. 

We understand that every time you visit us, we are dealing with items that are of great value to you. Therefore, we consider your security and privacy of the utmost importance. It is for this reason that we are an appointment only venue. 

For security and privacy reasons
we are an appointment only venue.
If you need any assistance, call us on (08) 6556 8655

GSB Price Estimator

Calculate an estimate of what you may be paid when selling your jewellery & scrap precious metal to GSB

Wt (grams)

(See Note 2)

Est. Price

(See Note 1)
Total Estimate:


Note - The above figures are estimates only for the following reasons:
1. The price of gold and silver changes throughout each day.
2. No allowance has been made for stones and non gold or silver content in the above weights

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